August 31, 2007

Companies have a hard enough time staying disciplined to a brand position in traditional media. AT&T is making a big push since their controversial name change from Cingular to AT&T. The recent TV spots have focused on “You’re world delivered” and “You’re wireless, We’re Wireless”. Neither is a strong position statement. I think we are supposed to glean that AT&T Wireless delivers information to us in a way that most of us use. Ummm, thanks. I’m pretty sure the rest of the wireless companies do to. The only benefit AT&T get from this message is convince potential consumers that if they use AT&T they will not be force to use an actual telegraph. Now let’s look at AT&T’s brand message on (their primary consumer site).att4

The over all design is pleasing and clean. The problem is there is nothing on this page that shows what AT&T Wireless should stand for in the mind of a potential consumer. There is no value proposition. No declaration of being the best choice for consumers that are looking for…the best price…the best customers service…the biggest network…or the best anything. The fortunate thing for AT&T – almost none of there competitors do either.



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